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Planning to have a pup is a big decision. This requires  Flotrol of you to make some major changes in your routine. First of all, when you have made the decision to have the pup, you need to decide where is the designated area he or she will be allowed to stay. A special place is always recommended. Having your puppy running free all over the place unsupervised is not wise. There will be the need to have a spot for him or her to do his or her business, and for him to sleep and feel comfortable. This can be either in the yard, if your yard is secure. There should be no openings that will allow your pup to go outside unsupervised. If it is inside, you must be able to lock him away so he understands that this is his special area. This is a form of control for you, to ensure you can regulate his movements around the house. He must be allowed access all over the house, but there are times when you may need to lock him away, so he needs to understand that this is his spot.



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