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For lead pastors in multiple staff settings,7 Minute Mindfulness the issue of helping other staff members grow in effectiveness can make or break the lead pastor's ability to truly move the church to the highest possible levels in growth. Many lead pastors are blessed to have fine teams around them. Others are not so fortunate. For all lead pastors, however, helping the people God has given them grow is a forefront issue. I am operating from the perspective that virtually all staff pastors want to do well in their work and service to the lead pastor and to the church. Some may look like lazy-bones from time to time, but you have the opportunity to mold them into something that can be very useful for the Kingdom. How can that be done While each staff member will respond uniquely to different initiatives and approaches from you, collectively, they can do more than you can imagine when you lead them well. Here are just a few thoughts to that end.



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