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Stop skipping meals.

Women always tend to think that every meal they Thin From Within eat is an extra pound and so they think that for each meal they skip, they have lost some weight. The news is that the more meals you skip, the more weight you eventually gain. The reason is that skipping meals regularly lowers the blood sugar and this will make one feel hungrier than they should have been and they will end up compensating the skipped meal with much more food.

It is therefore only wise to keep to small amounts of food spread throughout the whole day rather than skip major meals.

Drink that water.

Did you know that there are times when you are hungry and you actually interpret it as being thirsty? Most of us have heard at some point in our lives that we should be drinking eight glasses of water everyday. Well, this theory is medical and that is why our bodies crave water so much that at times we think we are hungry. Learn to take lots of water so that you avoid such instances that call for unnecessary eating.

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