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Although women are more likely to see thinning hair  Ceragrowth Hair rather than actual bald spots, both of those circumstances can occur. It is estimated that around 30 million women in the United States are dealing with issues related to thinning hair. Researching the different ways to prevent or reverse it is a smart option.Hormonal imbalances can often be one of the causes of baldness for women. In fact, the same hormone that contributes to male pattern baldness in men can also be responsible for hair loss in women. It is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, better known as DHT. It is a byproduct of testosterone, which is a naturally occurring hormone in both men and women. DHT actually keeps the hair follicle from producing hair.There are now supplements and topical creams available that contain natural ingredients. What these ingredients do is actually block the formation of DHT, so that it cannot damage the hair follicle. This allows the hair follicle to keep growing. Taking an all natural supplement twice a day and applying a topical cream to the affected areas once a day can lead to thicker hair.



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