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High stress hormone can reduce the metabolism rateGreen Coffee Plus . It causes your body to burn fat at a slower rate and storing more fat causing weight gain although you eat the same amount of food that you have been always eating. When we are under stress, our body tend to crave for more fatty, salty and sugary food. This is because our body sends a signal that it needs more energy and we need to eat food which contains high carbs, fat etc. This of course can lead to rapid weight gain.When we are under stress for a long period, our blood sugar levels will be altered. It can lead to metabolic syndrome and cause a series of other problems such as heart attacks and diabetes.High stress levels are linked to greater abdominal fat. As the metabolism decreases, fat is accumulated in the abdominal areas. Abdominal fat is known to pose greater health risk than fat stored in other areas of the body. You need to take a break and do other activities to reduce your stress level immediately. Exercises would also help to reduce your stress level in the long run.



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