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Many people believe that December 20, 2012 will be the final judgment day Alive After The Fall 2 the end of humanity. 2012 indeed will be a difficult year, one that is unlike any other year. If you think the economy has suffered more than enough, if you think we've seen the worst strains of viruses; if you think natural calamities have reached their peaks, try to reconsider what you think. Influential people are hiding their knowledge of 2012 to the public. The government may deem this as protection, but this actually hinders the people's needs and rights to know what the Greek mythology has referred to as 'Iron Age'. 2012 will mark the fifth and last age of men wherein all evils are bound to spring forth, destroying all relics of happiness and goodness. People will be consumed by dark emotions as deadly diseases become rampant and sources of food become scarce. There is also the possibility of the Nibiru collision. A planet-sized heavenly object which is presumed to be waiting somewhere near the sun will clash with our planet and wipe out almost all of the living. A star having an enlarging gas shell is enough proof to ascertain the existence of the Nibiru.



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